About us

At ABAZ, our concentration on consumer market and industry insights allows our diverse team of consultants to generate client-focused transformation and business optimization strategies which activate improved communications with consumers, retail and market innovation, supply chain enhancement, compatible resource allocation and brand scalability.

The information we offer is 100% proprietary and tailor-made to suit the unique requirements of our clients’ businesses.

Our team comprises a collective decade of experience with e-commerce operations. As e-commerce evolved as a retail concept, we learned to become more flexible. “Work hard and work smart” is a key philosophy that drives our stakeholders towards success.
Our Mission? To become leading borderless advisors on e-commerce management solutions.
Our Vision? To help our clients achieve global retail success and become leaders of innovative retail practices.
Our Philosophy? Work hard and work smart.
Our Focus? To elevate our clients' business potentials by foreseeing and eliminating conventional and unconventional retail management challenges.
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